Stop the hustle! Grow your traffic and revenue on auto-pilot while working from a place of rest, ease + alignment

For decades, entrepreneurs have had no other choice but to follow the flawed Masculine Model of doing business. Physical strength made you king of the jungle, hustle and grinding was the only way, and busy was worn like a badge of honor.


As Dr. Angela Lauria says, these bros from the pre-information age have Erectile Dysfunction and their masculine systems are collapsing.

Good riddance, I say!

Isn't it high-time women not only get a seat at the table, but are also able to build a wildly profitable business

  • without selling our soul using cut-throat, bro-marketing tactics

  • without pimping ourselves out as an “influencer” and spending hours on social media and $$$ on paid ads

  • without sacrificing what’s really important: our families, our bodies, our health, our spirituality.

Attention! Apply now for access to a free advanced private training where you'll learn exactly how to scale to $50k months on auto-pilot

without live launching, paid ads, social media or selling your soul!

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You may recognize me from my holistic wellness blog, Root + Revel, or my podcast, Success with Soul, or some of my other programs like 21 Days to Impact and the Six-Figure Blog Academy



While I built a multiple-six-figure online business from scratch in 4 years, I’m more proud of the fact that I did so while


  • showing up every day as a loving partner to my husband, Matt
  • taking plenty of time for self-care, nourishing my body + rest
  • bringing two beautiful babes into this world (being a mom to Jackson (2.5) and Gemma (9 months), easily my best achievements).


Yup, in 2020, amidst a global pandemic, social justice uprising, and what can only be described as a disruptive election season, I had a baby, took a four-month maternity leave AND more than doubled my revenue to nearly $500,000 working LESS than ever before (did I mention I had no childcare?!).


I’m not saying it was always easy.

Being a woman, a working mom,

running a company + a household, feels downright impossible at times.

Maybe you’ve felt that too?

But we women are strong and resilient! And through it all, I've learned how to:

  • drive organic traffic to my website, which is optimized for passive income
  • create an evergreen funnel that brings in over $50,000 per month on autopilot (no live launching required!)
  • embrace my womanhood and feminine energy to do it all with more ease, flow and alignment (and fewer hours!) than I ever thought possible


I want to help you do the same! 

Welcome to the Success with Soul Incubator!

If this is resonating, the Incubator was made for YOU! It's a high-touch group coaching program complete with personalized feedback + actionable trainings for ALL women and anyone wanting to harness the power of the divine feminine.


Just as women are creators and give birth to life, the Incubator will help you bring new life into your business that's aligned with your soul’s purpose and makes a positive impact in peoples’ lives AND in your bank account. You can have both!


Imagine a business that actually works FOR you--no more doing everything yourself + being the biggest bottleneck to your company's growth. 

  • actual white space on your calendar so you can take time off (including a 12-week+ maternity leave), give your time back to causes you're passionate about, and manage your wellbeing + energy in accordance with your body's needs through each month

  • the deepest connection to both your business AND God/The Universe/Source/the divine that you've ever experienced, allowing you to truly live in harmony with Mother Nature and the cycles and seasons of life

  • being more present with your kiddos (or fur babies or friends!) when you're not working (which happens more often than not now)

  • feeling more grounded with the work you're doing because you've unlocked your magic + can show up everyday as the most unapologetic version of Y-O-U, magnetizing all the right people 

  • miracle-like results for you AND your clients with consistent $10k+ months instead of randomly making a few thousand dollars every time you do a big exhausting launch 

  • waking up to new email subscribers and sales every single day (without spending a dime on Facebook ads) because your ideal clients find you organically and immediately feel that authentic connection with who you really are

  • the liberated visionary you know you are meant to be, leading a self-managed team who frees you up to do those things in your business that you truly love + ONLY YOU can do (and delegating the rest!)

  • the most abundantly pleasurable life with a profound connection to yourself + your work that creates magical impact + income alongside freedom, flexibility + fulfillment 


Let me show you how.


To this day, I am still in the trenches with you (read: I'm not one of those coaches who teach what they couldn’t do or haven't yet done themselves), staying current with the latest trends, testing techniques, and finding what actually works to save you time, energy, money and mistakes! ​

✔️ You've launched your course a few times, maybe even hit some of your goals, but feast or famine mode is real and you're exhausted from the constant hustle. 


✔️ You're sick of showing up on social media every day, feeling like you're constantly selling instead of serving, marketing instead of providing value and truly helping people. But how else are you supposed to get clients? (spoiler alert: it IS possible and I can show you how!)


✔️ You need better systems--you know your program is amazing + the desire is there to serve more customers, but you're having trouble scaling in a sustainable way that doesn't require working harder, longer hours, leaving you with less and less time for yourself and your family.


✔️ You keep finding yourself "in the weeds" with your biz, lost in the details and minutiea, doing everything yourself and unable to really focus on the big picture and those revenue-generating, needle-moving tasks 


✔️  You feel like you're in this alone, unable to truly let go of control and delegate to your team, assuming you could even afford to hire help. Ah! Where to even start so you can finally stop spinning your wheels, and maybe (just maybe) actually pay yourself a decent income instead of always barely making payroll each month.


✔️  You’ve read all the blogs and books and taken all the courses, but can't help but feel like something is missing in the sea of strategies (most of which are taught by men...ahem, or even women trying to fit into the masculine model of hustle).


✔️  You see other female entrepreneurs sharing about their successes and you've even tried modeling your biz after theirs...but it never feels quite right, quite, well, you. Then again, who are you? What even is your true purpose and calling?


✔️  You're ready to cut through the bullshit + fluff that and get real, tangible action steps that you can actually implement without sacrificing your entire life to the cause. 


✔️ You feel like you're constantly paddling upstream. Everything feels harder than it should. You're burnt out, stress is at an all-time high, your health is starting to suffer and you can't even enjoy what little time you get with your friends and family.


✔️ You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through each step, allowing you to ask questions along the way and get real-time personalized feedback whenever you needed?

What would it mean to you to

achieve more while working less?


Inside the Incubator

Like the phases of the moon (and our menstrual cycles, Mother Nature's seasons, and life!),

the Incubator is cyclical, rather than linear (hint: success isn't linear either!). 

Throughout the 6-month container, you will cycle through the  4-phase success path multiple times,

each time gaining more confidence and clarity as you continue to grow and evolve.

Waxing Moon Phase

You'll learn...

In this season, we lay the foundation for sustainable growth with mindful planning, aligned roadmaps, habits, rituals and visioning so you can work from a place of rest and flow. Here, you'll un-learn the broken Masculine Model and replace it with flow + feminine energy. This season is all about optimizing the True You for productivity, efficiency and ease with time and energy management techniques that mirror your menstrual cycle and the phases of the moon. We’re learning how to work less while making more!

Full Moon Phase

You'll learn...

In this season, we teach our proprietary method for growing your audience organically with free weekly content and sustainable visibility in order to build genuine expertise, authority and trust with your audience (without hours on toxic social media or tons of $$ on ads). We’ll continue into email marketing to truly nurture your audience, connect with your people, and prime them for what’s next. Next, we move into safe and sustainable visibility with publicity, PR and media opportunities that will expand your sphere of influence.

Waning Moon Phase

You'll learn...

In this season, we teach you how to create scalable systems and streamlined support (read: self-managed teams) so you can run your business as a liberated visionary with ease and joy. This phase is for all the spreadsheet nerds who are ready to dig into their data (and actually know what to do with it!), and grow their team and support systems so they can spend less time in their biz and more time enjoying their lives.

New Moon Phase

You'll learn...

In this season, we teach several different revenue streams for generating passive income including affiliate marketing and automated evergreen funnels so you can kick back, cozy up and hibernate while you watch your profits soar without lifting a finger. Of course revenue is key, but equally important is the white space we create during this phase to free you up to actually think and dream about where your biz can go next. ​

The North Star:

The Holistic CEO

You'll learn...

The North Star is the undercurrent of the entire program; it’s the guiding principle of your biz that drives everything--your soul, Polaris. Finding this means you know and trust the direction you’re headed, as you have all the answers within. We look at the whole picture of who you are, rediscovering your vision, values, and mission so you can stop paddling upstream. These lessons are dedicated to mastering key mindset blocks and generally focusing on YOU with self-care, spirituality/woo, personal development and wellness, which are the cornerstones of a healthy, sustainable business.

Bonus: Solar (Sun)

Cash Injections

You'll learn...

Access to the 6-Month Success with Soul Incubator Program + Our Full Curriculum

This program is very intentionally designed to be a 6 month container, as it will allow us to optimize your website for organic traffic and passive income and create an evergreen funnel to sell your offer on autopilot, all while harnessing the power of your feminine energy and intuition. 

Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Kate

The first 3 weeks of the month are dedicated to high-level coaching calls with live Q+As, where we will discuss strategy, overcome challenges, go deep into developing your soulful business strategy and fix any issues in your mindset, energy, business model, sales and funnel. Submit your work for live critiques, too! 


The last call of the month is a Soul Session that may include a guest expert guiding us through meditations, sound baths, movement, book club happy hours, astrology, breath work, and other surprises to nurture your soul! 

Private Client-Only FB Group

Connect with the other high-level members of this exclusive program, surround yourself with successful 6- and 7-figure business owners, ask questions and get support in our private group. You'll meet ambitious friends, network with other experts, and see the inner workings of soulful, sustainable online businesses.



When you apply today, you'll get access to Template & Standard Operating Procedures Library, including all of our resources, download, high-impact training videos, dozens of Templates, SOPs, Manuals, dashboards and “done for you” documentation. Some highlights:

  • Mindful Planning Printables
  • Optimized Website Audit + Checklist
  • Serve-First SEO Checklist with video tutorials
  • Minimalist Workflow for Maximum Impact Cheatsheets
  • Swipe Copy for Evergreen Funnel Emails
  • Job Description Templates for your self-managed team
  • Employee handbook swipe
  • A custom dashboard for tracking the most important metrics
  • Financial spreadsheets
  • Journal prompts and so much more!

Is the Incubator Right For You?

This is right for you if...

  • You already have a website created for your business

  • You already have an offer to sell, whether it's a course, membership, coaching program, product, etc. 

  • You've had some success in your biz but are ready to take it to the next level

  • You're committed to constant personal growth and are ready for expert help and support and are willing to invest time, effort and resources in yourself and your biz to make this happen NOW! 

  • You're looking for an holistic + supportive system from a leader who takes into account your unique you-ness, your lifestyle, your body and soul because you know you can't have a biz that lights you up if you're ignoring the rest.

  • You want to learn from someone who has actually done what you want to do and has the experience of running both a thriving online business and a family and home.

  • You're ready to stop giving away your power to one-size-fits-all systems outside yourself + work with someone who can help you build self-trust +  fully embrace who you are, what's important to you and what you're truly capable of, releasing toxic, disempowering patterns that aren't serving you, so you can show up as your truest most authentic self. This is where the magic really happens!

This is NOT right for you if...

  • You are still in the idea stage of business but haven't started yet.

  • You don't currently sell anything, or would need a lot of handholding to create your first offer.

  • Your business hasn't made any money yet as you're still so new + unsure of what you want to do

  • You're stuck in limiting beliefs and unwilling to show up for yourself and make the necessary investments to create a profitable business.

  • You think talking about our menstrual cycles is tacky, woo is just for weird hippies and just want to stick to the status quo of the patriarchy and other systems of oppression. 

  • You want to build your business the freest way possible, piecemealing together haphazard advice from dozens of different people who lack transparency.

  • You prefer learning from big name industry gurus (often men) who don't have the first clue what it means to run a business AND raise a family and be truly present to their needs. 

  • You love to hustle and grind it out, wake up early, stay up late, run on caffeine, burn out your adrenals, fry your central nervous system and constantly feel anxious and wired because you know this is what success looks like.

  • You're unwilling to make a change and would prefer to keep getting the same results over and over.

Apply to the Success With Soul Incubator


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