🤯 This might sound crazy, but I swear it works. 🤯


Have you ever tried planning your business and your life around

your menstrual cycle and/or the phases of the moon? 


✨✨This is where Soul meets Strategy✨✨

Heart-centered entrepreneurs need a better way to set goals, tasks and priorities--clearly what we've been told to do doesn't work (read: hustle, push, go, go go).



 Hear me out! When we take an holistic approach to planning and sync our workflow with the cycles and rhythms of our bodies and the Universe, suddenly everything seems easier!



These Mindful Planning Printables will help you focus on what matters most, so you can work from a place of rest knowing your priorities will always get done.


It’s how I honor my body’s

cyclical ebb and flow of energy,

and the pull of the moon to

get more done with less stress.

These are the exact planning pages I use to map out my days, weeks, months, quarters and year, complete with check-ins, journal prompts, and worksheets to help you get clear on what will really move the needle in your business.

These printables are fully customizable!

Print them out, digitally fill in the PDF, or use them as prompts if you like to write in your own journal. I’ve bundled everything for you into this one, intuitive planning pack so you can bring ease, joy and clarity to your life today! 

What's Included? 

✔️ Cycle Keys reference guide to help you understand the four seasons of your body and the Universe to unlock new sources of energy, clarity and ease

✔️ Weekly and daily check-in sheets to help you zero in on your priorities and tune into your body’s cues so you can plan your goals accordingly

✔️ My fave apps to help me sync up with my menstrual cycle and the moon

✔️ My personal strategy and recommendations to help you accomplish more while doing less

✔️ Self-care morning rituals and end-of-day reflections to help you manifest abundance

✔️ My all-time favorite productivity tool to help you prioritize daily and weekly tasks (this one sheet will change your life!)


✔️ Monthly, quarterly and year end planning and reflection worksheets to help you achieve those Big Dreams this year!


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