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After just the first day of going through this, I signed two new brands that I had been stuck on how to word the deal with. Now, we are working together for the rest of 2019 and all year for 2020. ALL IN ONE DAY. I also landed a 3-month partnership with one of my favorite brands, making $800 a month so I can continue living my life on the road! Kate, you are rocking my world. Thank you so much!


- Ashlee, lifestyle blogger

I purchased Kate's e-book when I first launched my career and it's one of the things I credit with making my first year such a success. It's a good reminder that story ideas can be found anywhere in life and that even a good rejected pitch can lead to work and help establish a relationship. I still reference the book today when I need inspiration for structuring my pitches.


- Lia, freelance journalist