If you're a busy, overworked, ambitious woman ready to

build your soul-aligned offer so you can reclaim your life and business,

this event was literally tailor made for YOU!


Maybe you've been toying with the idea of starting (or pivoting!) your online business

after trying too many one-size-fits-all strategies that didn't work for you.  


Get the inspiration, clarity, and tools you need to

make your business YOUR OWN!

And then create, launch, and sell your dream offer

without all the hustle at this LIVE one-time event!

1-Day Virtual Conference + Bonus VIP Day

October 26-27, 2021


Should you do an online course? Maybe a membership?

1:1 or group coaching? Agency or VIP Days? 


You've likely seen it all at this point...which one will work best for you?

Good news! There is NO ONE RIGHT ANSWER. 


You get to decide, and we can help! 


Learn how to create a hybrid online business just for you, 

built around your unique needs, goals and lifestyle, 

be it motherhood, chronic illness, mental health struggles,

a corporate job, family demands, etc.


This conference will give you all the tools and strategies you need to create (or refine) your one-of-a-kind offer 

ensuring it's truly aligned with your soul's desires,

taking inspiration from those who've gone before you, 

and making it scalable so you don't burn out,

 and building a holistic business that truly serves you.

October 26-27, 2021

Mark your calendar!

Sessions from 10AM-5PM EST. Plus replays are available!

Tune in from anywhere, sessions streamed live!

Be sure to bring

a notebook and a pen!

Meet your host, Kate Kordsmeier!

I’m Kate Kordsmeier, writer, educator, mom of two, and creative entrepreneur who teaches ambitious women like you how to leave your day job and start your own online business while working from a place of rest, not burnout.


It’s my mission is to help you create a widely profitable, hands-off business using your feminine energy to get more done in less time, so you can focus on what truly matters: your family, home life, and wellbeing.


Six years ago, I left my thriving journalism career to start a holistic wellness blog, Root + Revel, which became a multi-six-figure business.


So I launched a course, The Six-Figure Blog Academy, to help other women do the same. And that course turned into a multi-six-figure business in the first year!


So I launched a group coaching program, the Success with Soul Incubator, to help other women do that, too.


Now I teach hundreds of students how to make their dreams of being their own boss a reality with my unique, anti-hustle approach to generate organic traffic and leads on auto-pilot that fill up evergreen funnels so you can earn passive income.


Meet our Guest Speakers!

Learn from online course and coaching industry experts how to plan, launch, create and sell your offer.

Kate Kordsmeier

Your Host

Founder of the Six-Figure Blog Academy, and the host of the podcast Success with Soul; Helping entrepreneurs start, grow, monetize, and LOVE their online business.

Jordan Gill

VIP Day Expert

Operations Consultant and Founder of Systems Saved Me, helps overworked one-woman shows become streamlined solopreneurs.

Tarzan Kay

Email Copywriting Expert

An email marketing expert who teaches how to sell big with truth-infused, story-based emails.

Selena Soo

Publicity Expert

Helps experts, authors, and coaches go from “hidden gem” to admired industry leader and household name.

Lattice Hudson

Business Coach

Helping you become a wildly profitable online coach while building a life and business you love.

Yael Bendahan

Business & Marketing Coach

Helping women raise their businesses and their babies by scaling to 6-figures and beyond... working 20 hours a week or LESS!

Ashley Gartland

Business Coach

Helping overwhelmed small business owners run their businesses in less time without sacrificing growth. Host of the Better Than Big podcast.

LaChelle Barnett

Certified Personal Brand Strategist

Showing subject matter experts how to create freedom through their online personal brand.

Kyshira Mofett, MBA

Certified Coach

Working with high achieving coaches who desire to be a leading authority in their industry and scale on their own terms.

Mai-Kee Tsang

Podcast Guesting Strategist

The Founder of the Sustainable Visibility® movement for underestimated women in business on a mission to change the world—one human at a time.

Kelly Marshall

Strategic Profit Advisor

Working with heart-centered female entrepreneurs who find the financial part of their business completely overwhelming.

Katy Prince

Ethical Sales Expert

A Squirm-Free Sales Coach, ethical copywriting expert, and founder at The Squirm-Free School of Business.



With around 4.8 billion internet users, I'd venture to say there's a PRETTY good chance there's SOMEONE out there who wants to know what's up in your head.


People are searching for coaches just like you more than ever before. This is your opportunity to step up and serve. Are you ready?


Learn what it takes to make million-dollar decisions everyday and use it to unlock the door to your own financial success!



The simplest and fastest ways to create, design, price, and validate your one-of-a-kind hybrid offer!​


Learn proven strategies to grow your traffic on auto-pilot and create passive income using evergreen funnels to sell so you can get your life back!




1-Day Virtual Conference + Bonus VIP Day

October 26-27, 2021

2 Days of Actionable Workshops, Expert Speakers, Tell-All Q+A Sessions and so much more.


All aspiring and advanced course creators and coaches are welcome!

Your Conference Agenda

  • DAY 1:

    Tuesday, October 26, 2021

    09:00 AM KICK OFF: Six Systems for Six-Figure Offers with Kate Kordsmeier


    10:30 AM How to Start Before You’re Ready: Validating, Pre-Selling + Positioning with LaChelle Barnett, and Kyshira Moffett, and Yael Bendahan


    12:30 PM How to Design One-of-a-Kind Hybrid Offers that Serve YOU with Tarzan Kay, Jordan Gill, Lattice Hudson, and Ashley Gartland 


    02:00 PM Non-Salesly Sales + Compassionate Copywriting with Katy Prince


    03:00 PM Raise Your Rates and Know Your Worth Workshop with Kelly Marshall


    04:00 PM Safe Visibility + Productive Publicity for Hidden Gems with Selena Soo and Mai-Kee Tsang


    Wednesday, October 27, 2021

    During the virtual conference LIVE Sessions, you'll find out how to get exclusive access to this BONUS VIP Day for no extra charge!


    Come to the live sessions for the secret instructions to get access to these "closed-door" advanced sessions with Kate and special guests!

    • 12:00 PM Live Private Training: Soulful + Sustainable Sales on Auto-Pilot with Kate Kordsmeier: Learn Kate's proven strategies to grow your traffic on auto-pilot and generate $50,000 months using evergreen funnels to sell so you can get your life back!
    • 2:00 PM Exclusive Tell-All Q + A Session with Kate's top VIP Clients

Please note the conference schedule is subject to change due to speaker availability.

All times are listed in Eastern US Time Zone.

"I joined 100% to get an evergreen funnel built. And I did that. Kate not only told me HOW to create an evergreen funnel, she literally GAVE me hers!!! Her 76-step funnel is now in my Kartra account, and I'm done! I cried literal tears of relief importing it into my account. But what I have received is SO MUCH MORE than I even expected!! Her whole program is worth the price because of how much time and confusion it saved me, [and she gives] doable, actionable steps to making your dream a reality. Seriously so life changing. Like everything I [needed to learn] was all consolidated in one [place]. 💕"

Caroline Fausel

Health and Wellness Blogger at OliveYouWhole.com, Success with Soul Incubator Client

"I had my first $10k month from taking [Kate's] strategy advice on my old funnel, and this NEW way [Kate is teaching me] is even better! My funnel went live in just a few weeks (and I made 2 sales with less than 60 people!). It would have taken me months to get it done without Kate's support! The balance in my biz checking account is now the highest it's ever been. 4 new retainer clients starting THIS MONTH alone."

Molly Cahill

Marketing and Instagram Coach, Success with Soul Incubator Client

I was a beta tester for 6FBA and still reference it every. single. week. Since I started working with Kate, I went from making $400/month to now around $2500/month with a) no social presence (I hate Instagram) and b) working a full-time job. It truly is the most comprehensive [program] I've taken (and trust me, I've taken A LOT of them). One of the main reasons I enjoy Kate’s teaching style is her focus on not just gaining traffic for traffic's sake, but really putting value behind that traffic. I really enjoy Kate’s business-minded approach, which I feel like is missing in [this industry]. And I just landed a $30,000 contract YESTERDAY for something I would have been too scared to do [without Kate’s guidance]."

Kristina Todini 

Registered Dietitian and founder of forkintheroad.co, 6FBA Student

Learn my secrets to creating a successful online business with my holistic strategies and soulful marketing advice for heart-centered creatives and entrepreneurs who value relationships, mindfulness, spirituality and health as much as strategic action and practical tips.


Whether you’re interested in coaching or digital courses, I’ll empower you to make your dreams of being your own boss and creating a profitable online business a reality, without selling your soul. 

If you want to...


 Get in the right mindset to make million-dollar decisions everyday!
Learn the best way to create, design, price, and validate your one-of-a-kind hybrid offer!​
Learn proven strategies to grow your traffic on auto-pilot and create passive income using evergreen funnels to sell so you can get your life back!

Then you're in the right place!

I’m sharing my secrets and strategies so you can create something that makes your soul (and your bank account) sing...no burnout or hustle required. 


That’s not all!


Learn how I went from a failed course launch and $12k in debt to $50,000 MONTHS on autopilot


Trust me, if I can do it, so can you!


"I LOVED every single thing about [Kate's program]. She was able to communicate valuable information in such a direct and approachable way, as well as provide action items to hold me accountable. I have implemented quite a few of the strategies outlined in the course that have totally changed the direction of my business, and lit a whole new passion for the direction it's taking. And last month, I made money for the first time ever!


I now have a clear direction that I have struggled to find in the past. I have looked into and taken quite a few blogging business-related courses, and none of them have been as impactful as this one. I will continue to come back and use it as a resource as my blog business grows. I would recommend [Kate] to ANYONE interested in learning more about [online] business."

Kelsey Williams

Lifestyle Blogger at thekelseywilliams.com, 6FBA Student

"This month I passed 150,000 pageviews and I also earned the most I have yet from my blog, fully replacing my teaching income! I just finished my course and plan to launch on Sunday!"

Delilah Orpi 

Founder and Blogger at holisticenchilada.com 6FBA Student

Kate is one smart [entrepreneur] and I'm amazed at how openly she shares her methods in this program. Many people would hold back, but not Kate, she shares it all. She provides all the practical strategies you need to create a successful [online] business that actually makes money. Kate's teaching style is friendly and straight-forward. I love her attention to detail (she answered every question I had before I could even ask it). Each lesson is amazingly thorough. The real magic for me was found in the homework assignments. Have you taken courses but never done anything with the info you learned? I know I have! But not here. Kate crafted the assignments in a way that helped me implement what I learned and actually move forward. (Do not skip these! This is where the magic happens!). I've been working through the homework and am thrilled to be creating an action plan where I'm working smart and staying consistent. I'm able to enjoy [my business] again and improve my bottom line. Kate's advice on creating a welcome sequence actually helped me get more sales! If you've ever wanted a plan of action for your blog, you'll love this. It's just like getting to pick Kate's brain on all things blogging and business except it's laid out in step-by-step order and you never have to worry about losing your notes!


Blogger at nofussnatural.com, Coaching Client


✅ Access to all the live-streamed sessions from October 26

 7 Days Access to the recordings of the sessions

✅ Replays available until November 2, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST.

✅ Training and expert speakers on everything from creating your offer, launching, marketing, lead generation, scaling your business, evergreen funnels, mindset and so much more!

✅ Tell-All Q+A sessions to get your questions answered

All for just $43!

*Tickets are non-refundable

Lock in the lowest rate now!

Who should attend this Virtual Conference?


Is your dream to flee cube life and start your own biz? Creating a course and coaching business can help you do just that! Even if you’re just starting out, we’ll make sure you get started the right way. 


If you’re ready to attract more of your ideal clients, and exponentially increase your revenue, we’ll teach you actionable steps to organically leverage SEO and stop wasting time and energy on social media.


Already running a successful online business but ready to take things to the next level? Perfect! We’ll help stand out, scale, and serve your ideal client and set you up for sustainable success.


Whether you are a total newbie or an advanced 6-Figure entrepreneur, you will leave this virtual event with new strategies and inspiration to generate leads organically, create exponentially scalable passive income, and make a meaningful impact on the world. 

"I wanted to say THANK YOU, Kate. I justified the cost to my husband as a continuing education investment with a blogging mentor. But I actually gained a LIFE mentor, as I allow myself to go down your rabbit hole (manifestation, intuitive eating, cycle syncing, and so many other things that were introduced initially to me by you). You are improving my attitude, vibration, intuition, and energy overall. I see how they will help me with my business, but more importantly, I see how my business will help fulfill a wonderfully satisfying life all-around. I love everything Kate stands for, and love that it all comes from an authentic, soulful place."

Kristen Cummings

Blogger at touristish.com, 6FBA Student

"Kate's [program] saved me so much time and helped me set up everything right from the get go. And I'm not just talking about the technical setup of a website (although all of that is included and also a game changer)... 


I'm talking about strategy—where to invest my time, how to work smarter and not harder, how to tell a story, what critical elements to include on the site, how to work with brands, how to maximize affiliate income...and gosh, SO MUCH MORE! If you are serious about your online business and want to make it your full-time career, Kate will help you get there!

Lisa Fenessy

Blogger at thisorganicgirl.com, 6FBA Student

"My blog is officially one year old! I am so thankful for the [program], Kate, and everyone in the group. What I have learned over the last year has been integral in getting my blog to where it it today. I am so glad that I found [this program]."

Kimberly Reynolds 

Blogger at kitchenlit.com, Course Student




1-Day Virtual Conference + Bonus VIP Day

October 26-27, 2021

We’ve reached an interesting time in the online world.


Now more than ever, people are turning to the internet for all aspects of their lives - work, school, weddings, virtual hangouts, and more.


If you dream of having the freedom to work from home, on your own schedule and your terms, doing what you love, without all the hustle or stress of social media crashing again (remember October 4th?), then you don’t want to miss this live event!


I’m sharing my proven strategy so you can focus your time and energy ONLY on what will move the needle, get you results, generate leads, and put money in your bank account on auto-pilot.



There are absolutely, positively NO REFUNDS under any circumstances. We will not be able to process any refunds for any reason. Make sure you understand fully: we have a strict No Refund policy when you purchase.


By purchasing, you understand there are absolutely no refunds.

See you live at the premiere virtual conference for

course creators and coaches!

"Three months after investing into Kate's [program], I feel more confident and know it’s absolutely possible to make money doing what I love. And have started treating my blog like a business.


I now have the tools and resources that are needed to grow and serve my audience. Instead of spinning in circles and feeling overwhelmed with content creation, I now have an editorial calendar that is fully booked for the next three months. I’ve got a month’s worth of written content schedule on WordPress just waiting to be published."

Anasha Khan

Blogger at anashakhan.com, 6FBA Student

"I've taken blog or website courses in the past but none of them fit the bill of "step-by-step" or "easy" that Kate delivers! Kate is a master guide, walking you through not only the how but the why behind each key component of your [online business] and blog."

Aimee Taylor Welch

Blogger at cultivateextraordinary.com, Course Student

"[Kate's program] is one of the best I’ve ever taken! Everything that Kate does is top-notch. What I loved most is that Kate shows you the real behind-the-scenes information that you need to know to launch and grow your [online business]. She truly wants you to succeed, so she dishes what you need to know without the fluff. She leads you step-by-step through some tricky topics like SEO and affiliate marketing. I’ve already implemented some of her techniques and have seen my blog and business grow in just a few short weeks. I just love that Kate really SHOWS us how to do things and walks us through her process. This is a game changer in itself that so many courses leave off. The value of this course far exceeds the price - think of it as getting an MBA in how to launch and grow your [online business] from one of the best!"

Shannah Compton Game

Podcast Host at mmoneypodcast.com, 6FBA Student


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